The West End High School, A wing of Women In Social Action- an Ngo, committed to the uplift of the people especially the under privileged tribal got off to a start with the avowed aim of working in the interior most villages of the bordering areas of west Bengal, Bihar and Orissa. Staying connected with the people, we found that West End High School is the best way to reach them. Our findings confirmed the fact that poor language skills and incapacity to communicate are the problems at large of the students of this reason.

Indeed, with the quickly changing employment landscape and global ecosystem, it is becoming increasingly critical that children not only learn, but more importantly learn how to learn. Education thus, must move towards less content, and more towards learning about how to think critically and solve problems, how to be creative and multidisciplinary, and how to innovate, adapt, and absorb new material in novel and changing fields. Pedagogy must evolve to make education more experiential, holistic, integrated, inquiry-driven, discovery-oriented, learner-centred, discussion-based, flexible, and, of course, enjoyable. The teacher must be at the centre of the fundamental reforms in the education system.

The new education policy must provide to all students, irrespective of their place of residence, a quality education system, with particular focus on historically marginalized, disadvantaged, and underrepresented groups. Education is a great leveler and is the best tool for achieving economic and social mobility, inclusion, and equality.

Pranabananda Barik